Post Capital is an investment firm founded in 2004 that invests in lower middle-market companies with revenue typically between $10 and $150 million. We partner with professional managers, owner operators, entrepreneurs and other business owners to grow outstanding companies. We generally invest in companies with repeat or recurring revenue models across a wide range of industries, including services, manufacturing and distribution businesses.
Post Capital is based in New York City and we are currently investing our third committed capital fund which is comprised of both institutional and private investors.

Executive-First Strategy

Our “Executive-First” strategy is the organizing principle of our firm. We believe that quality executive leadership is the primary driver of every company’s success. Therefore, we begin our investments by first partnering with talented operating executives and management teams.

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Investment Criteria

Executive-First Approach

We believe quality senior management is the primary driver of a company’s success. Therefore, our investments begin by first partnering with talented operating executives and management teams. We work with both existing management already running great businesses and executives looking for their next challenge. In both cases, we proactively work with executives to develop compelling investment and growth strategies, to identify and source attractive investment opportunities and to then create significant value in the companies we invest in together.

Flexible Solution-driven Structures

We work with companies and their owners to create a customized capital solution that best meets everyone’s objectives. We do NOT believe in a “one size fits all” approach. We have worked with hundreds of corporate, individual and family business owners and appreciate that every transaction is unique with its distinct family, social and business context. We also make both majority control and minority investments which greatly enhances our flexibility.

Partnership through Alignment of Interest

Our transactions are structured to closely align the interests of all of our partners so that all parties are primarily focused on creating long-term equity value in our companies. To that end, we typically provide senior management with meaningful performance based equity ownership in the companies they manage.

Investors with decades of experience

Our team has decades of experience investing and partnering with business owners and management teams.

Values Driven Culture of Absolute Integrity

Our firm is driven and managed by our core values of honesty, transparency, partnership, hard work and mutual respect.