Partnership with management

Quality senior management is the primary driver of a company’s success. Therefore, our investments begin by first partnering with talented operating executives and management teams. We work with both existing management already running great businesses and executives looking for their next challenge.

In both cases, we proactively work with executives to develop compelling investment and growth strategies, to identify and source attractive investment opportunities and to then create significant value in the companies we invest in together.

We partner with outstanding operating executives to:

jointly source investment opportunities
expertly evaluate investments
Build outstanding companies post-investment

What makes an executive partner?

Strong verifiable track record of success in building a business
Previous P&L responsibility
Relevant and extensive experience in their sectors of interest
Investment Thesis Outlining Acquisition opportunities in their industry

Our Executive Partners

How do we Work with Executive Partners?

Executive-First Searches

Proactively search for investments in partnership with an operating executive or team around an investment thesis primarily generated by the executive.

Executive-first partnerships

Partner with a talented operating executive to invest in an opportunity that we identify through our general sourcing activities. We see hundreds of opportunities each year and maintain a network of over 1,000 executives to help us match investment opportunities with the right operating talent.

Management Buyouts

Partner with an executive or management team already running a great business to acquire the portion of the business they don’t own from a current owner looking to exit or to reduce his involvement in the business.

Growth Capital

Partner with an existing owner or management team already running a great business to provide capital for organic or accretive acquisition growth.

Learn about our network of senior operating executives

Our Executive Partners Executive Partnership Program

The executive PArtnership Program

The Executive Partnership Program is Post Capital’s formal network of experienced senior operating executives. The program is an ideal platform for operating executives who are interested in:

  • Becoming a business owner and running a company on a full-time basis
  • Serving on the board of directors of a portfolio company of a private equity firm
  • Consulting or advising a private equity firm on acquisitions, ongoing operations or business improvement

The program offers executives:

  • Credibility of a partnership with an institutional investor
  • Mutual commitment to work together on acquisitions in executive's industry of expertise
  • Personalized marketing program to assist executives in identifying acquisition opportunities
  • Equity ownership in all companies where executive takes a management role
  • Access to other Post Capital Executive Partners